Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kawaii Shopping at Daiso

When I got the news that my preschooler was accelerated to gradeschool, I knew it's about time to take out those bento materials I accumulated these past few years. To my Facebook friends and IG followers who are wondering where I bought my bento tools, friends gave them as gift, the rest were from Japan Home, National Bookstore, and the local grocery. Actually, I only have a few collection of bento products like food picks, silicon cups, cookie cutters, and lunch boxes, so off I went to Daiso store in Robinsons Galleria (for the first time) to buy some more like 2 weeks ago.

This place is like heaven for fans of kawaii stuff.

I didn't expect to see a lot of cosmetics.

Here's my favorite aisle. Love all the pinks and the hearts.

More super duper cute products from clips to lashes.

These are my loot. Too bad that they already ran out of nori cutters and food picks.

Most of items at Daiso (used to be Saizen) are sold at P88 each. My baby was being makulit that day that I couldn't explore all corners of the store. I was supposed to get some of those Pocky sticks and Nissin noodles, but I guess next time. I am planning to visit Daiso again, hoping that they'll re-stock bento pick and cutters. I have been doing bento boxes for my elder daughter now since first day of school. Mine are all simple and easy to prepare bentos. Watch out for my next post.

Happy weekend for now! :)


  1. I love cute stuff. Especially pink. Mapapabili talaga ako sa Daiso once na pumasok ako sa store nila. LOL

  2. Daiso is the ultimate wasteland! :) I love buying random stuff whenever I passby, therapeutic :)

  3. favorite! hihi :) when we went to macau, i passed by a 5 storey daiso! homaygad! nagpalpitate ako sa tuwa! i was not able to take pictures kasi pasarado na ang store and the owner was glaring at me haha :)


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