Saturday, June 07, 2014

Accelerated to Grade One

I noticed I have a lot of unpublished entries in my draft. I thought I'll do some back blogging today, so I can also start with new topics in queue. Here's the first one.

March this year, a couple of very wonderful news was relayed to me by my Askim's Junior Casa 2 teacher. I was told that my firstborn was one of the merit awardees in her class. She's included in Top Five. She also got the award of 'Excellence in Instructional Language'. Most of all, she gets accelerated to grade one this coming school year. Her school gave her and some selected classmates a series of acceleration tests, if I remember it right, sometime in February. As what I heard from an insider, just two of them passed and got accelerated. Of course, as a mom, realizing my dear daughter's achievement, remembering those times that we both got frustrated with her Kumon or schoolwork and almost gave up, I felt happy that our hardwork finally paid off!

Ready to march. She wore the 2nd moving up dress I bought last year and the white DIY headband I especially made for her for this occasion.

She liked singing and dancing a lot, so as usual, she was so graceful to the highest performance level during the production number. Lol.

A compulsory photo op with the school director and principal. Nothing but proud parents here.

Next week will be Askim's first week as a gradeschooler. To tell you honestly, I am excited as much as she is. Her school bag, school supplies, learning materials, uniforms, and shoes are all ready. It will be a major change for us. In preschool, I used to bring and pick her to and from school. This time, a school bus will pick her up in the morning and bring her back home in the afternoon. Not to mention, she has bigger bags, more subjects, more teachers, and more classmates. I can't believe it.. I already have a gradeschooler!

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