Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kawaii Shopping at Daiso

When I got the news that my preschooler was accelerated to gradeschool, I knew it's about time to take out those bento materials I accumulated these past few years. To my Facebook friends and IG followers who are wondering where I bought my bento tools, friends gave them as gift, the rest were from Japan Home, National Bookstore, and the local grocery. Actually, I only have a few collection of bento products like food picks, silicon cups, cookie cutters, and lunch boxes, so off I went to Daiso store in Robinsons Galleria (for the first time) to buy some more like 2 weeks ago.

This place is like heaven for fans of kawaii stuff.

I didn't expect to see a lot of cosmetics.

Here's my favorite aisle. Love all the pinks and the hearts.

More super duper cute products from clips to lashes.

These are my loot. Too bad that they already ran out of nori cutters and food picks.

Most of items at Daiso (used to be Saizen) are sold at P88 each. My baby was being makulit that day that I couldn't explore all corners of the store. I was supposed to get some of those Pocky sticks and Nissin noodles, but I guess next time. I am planning to visit Daiso again, hoping that they'll re-stock bento pick and cutters. I have been doing bento boxes for my elder daughter now since first day of school. Mine are all simple and easy to prepare bentos. Watch out for my next post.

Happy weekend for now! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

First Day of School and the Origin of 'Boom Panes'

Thanks goodness the first week of regular classes already passed and we survived it. But the first day? Yeah, I mean the very first day. It was crazy. I came to a point that I panicked every honk I heard at the gate, thinking it was the school bus already. I crammed a bit, preparing my elder daughter's lunch while I had my screaming 10 month old holding on to me like a koala. I'm telling you, my moment of triumph came after the big girl finished her lunch, showered and everything, and finally led her to the elevator.

I love that pa-cute smile. Still can't believe that my 5 yo is now a gradeschooler. I'm very grateful that she passed the acceleration test her school gave her and she was able to skip kindergarten.

I like her school uniform. She looks adorable in it. Compared with her old preschool uniform, this one is more girly and comfy. Not to mention, it is easy to wear too.

Of course, I gotta prepare something yummy for her school snack, di ba? I made a bento lunchbox with Filipino-style spaghetti, cheese sandwich, tomato, and cucumber slices. She loved it!

Bigger school means bigger bag. More subjects.. more books. The most exciting part in her curriculum is Spanish 1. Plus, she'll get to learn to play the flute in her Music class.

Before the first week of school ended, Aşkım went home with the good news that she was voted as P.R.O. in her class. She said she was not supposed to get the position. Her teacher told her to nominate herself to which she obliged. She even narrated how she won the table by the vote of 7-5-3. I think her teacher motivated her to take P.R.O. because she can be very talkative at times. Lol.

Another funny story is when she came home showing off the new hand clap routine she learned. First there was the fireworks clap and then the 'boom panes' clap. She liked them both. Only the latter made her curious. She haven't heard of it before and it's Tagalog so I had to explain although there is no exact translation to it. As we all know, boom is the sound of something explosive while panes refers something spoiled. As far as I can remember, 'boom panes' is an expression which originally started by the cast of Bubble Gang show. They have this rap contest headed by Boy Pickup, the character of Ogie Alcasid, wherein they engage into an impromptu rapping. After the performance of Boy Pickup, either the audience or Boy Pickup would say 'boom panes' in a boastful manner. I am a Bubble Gang fan since the late 90's. That's why I know.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Suna's 10th Month Birthday

Being a full-time mom has a lot of perks and my most favorite is witnessing each of my daughter's milestone, growth, and development before my very eyes.

A week ago, my family celebrated our baby daughter's 10th month birthday. I baked a chocolate cake for her and then we had a little party. As I mentioned in a previous entry here, we do this to make them feel they're equally loved and not a single girl is valued more than the other.

The first photo is for IG. My dear followers, you saw the funny facial reaction of hubby, right? :)

Happy birthday, baby! Stay happy, sweet, and innocent. Mama, baba, and ate love you so much.

The cake I made crumbled and the icing was overcooked, but boy, it tasted very good.

She will turn one soon so Mama is planning the party na.

August 8 is just a few weeks away now, plus the firstborn also wants a party for her 6th birthday the month after. I have created a list of guests, visited some prospect event venue, yet no concrete plans yet for both parties. I don't really feel pressured because hubby and I initially thought to made them simple. We'll invite the closest friends and relatives for Suna's birthday and mostly classmates and personal friends of Askim on her birthday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nivea Love

What to do you if your favorite brand of beauty products is on sale? I mean, a really big, national sale, sale anywhere, buy one take one, anything at 50% off. Well, for me, that means buying as much as I can. My only regret is, I learned about the sale a little later, just a few days more before the end of it. It was just too bad. Anyhow, I managed to catch up and hoarded a little, so here, I am happily boasting my overall loot from a total of 3 trips to 3 different stores.

These are from the buy one, get one deal at S & R. Boy, I got crazy with it!

These, I got from Pure Gold and Robinson's Dept. Store. Some for hubby, too.

I have a few more extra Nivea Q10 Plus Hand Cream and Nivea Cream in my stash, tho.

Lastly, here are the items I currently use, part of my everyday routine.

So, I guess you're convinced by now that I love Nivea A LOT. This brand carries moisturizers and creams that help me in taking care of skin, especially, mine is extra dry. I am truly grateful for Nivea Philippines for holding this awesome sale. I hope it happens again next year and I promise I'll get more of those creams and deodorants. Apparently, the #1 product that first went out of stock during the sale was the cream in tin container. Honestly, it was really hard to find even a single one in any variant at the major stores I visited.  I figured most Filipinas have dry skin that they finished or emptied the shelves right away.

Note: The Nivea big sale was from May 9 to 18 only.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Accelerated to Grade One

I noticed I have a lot of unpublished entries in my draft. I thought I'll do some back blogging today, so I can also start with new topics in queue. Here's the first one.

March this year, a couple of very wonderful news was relayed to me by my Askim's Junior Casa 2 teacher. I was told that my firstborn was one of the merit awardees in her class. She's included in Top Five. She also got the award of 'Excellence in Instructional Language'. Most of all, she gets accelerated to grade one this coming school year. Her school gave her and some selected classmates a series of acceleration tests, if I remember it right, sometime in February. As what I heard from an insider, just two of them passed and got accelerated. Of course, as a mom, realizing my dear daughter's achievement, remembering those times that we both got frustrated with her Kumon or schoolwork and almost gave up, I felt happy that our hardwork finally paid off!

Ready to march. She wore the 2nd moving up dress I bought last year and the white DIY headband I especially made for her for this occasion.

She liked singing and dancing a lot, so as usual, she was so graceful to the highest performance level during the production number. Lol.

A compulsory photo op with the school director and principal. Nothing but proud parents here.

Next week will be Askim's first week as a gradeschooler. To tell you honestly, I am excited as much as she is. Her school bag, school supplies, learning materials, uniforms, and shoes are all ready. It will be a major change for us. In preschool, I used to bring and pick her to and from school. This time, a school bus will pick her up in the morning and bring her back home in the afternoon. Not to mention, she has bigger bags, more subjects, more teachers, and more classmates. I can't believe it.. I already have a gradeschooler!

Friday, June 06, 2014

My 5 Minute 'No Makeup' Look feat. Myra VitaGlow BB Cream

If you are same with me who sometimes buy makeup from a grocery or drugstore, I am guessing you already heard or seen this new product of Myra called the VitaGlow BB Cream. Sure, I do have a few expensive creams and lipsticks in my stash, but I know how to patronize a cheaper item after I tested it and liked what it does to my skin. So came this new Myra VitaGlow BB Cream that comes in a 20 ml for only P99. It is available in two shades, the first shade is ivory, and below is beige.

I am not a makeup expert so for the step by step guide on how to properly apply Myra VitaGlow BB Cream on my face, I had a little help from Ana Victorino, a popular YouTube makeup and beauty blogger.

Dyarann!! How do I look? This is my version of a 5 minute 'barely there' makeup.

Look at my bare face, BB cream face, and my full makeup face in these photos and see the difference that the VitaGlow BB Cream created. I got a lot of good comments in Facebook regarding this makeup. A friend said I'm looking great. Another friend commented that I'm fresh and blooming. Hmmm.. I think I'll have to make this a routine because it really made my face look glowing.

For a mom like me who is always in hurry, the use of a BB cream is really a must, skipping the application of moisturizer, foundation, and concealer. It is also economical because it saves me from spending money on those extra products I mentioned. If I can always do my makeup in 5 minutes or less, I am sure husband will be happy and won't complain about me taking too much time in preparing to go somewhere, too!

Things That I Like About Myra VitaGlow BB Cream
-It comes handy. I can easily slip it in my bag.
-It works with my (extra dry) skin.
-It has sunscreen SPF15.
-Not too heavy when applied to the face.
-Affordable at only 99 Php.
-Easy to find. Available in drugstores and groceries.

Things That I Don't Like
-It has glitters.
-Not advisable to apply on a humid day.
-Too fragrant just like a hand cream, tho not a problem if you like sweet-smelling makeup.

Will I restock this product?
Yes. It can be an alternative for my current BB cream.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated to do this review. Although the product was sent to me as PR sample, my views and opinions written in this entry are purely mine, nothing scripted.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Disney on Ice presents Frozen

I was in the gym over a week ago when I heard the news about the creation of Frozen Disney On Ice. I told my elder daughter about it and she got very excited, asking me to buy tickets right away, so I had to explain it to her that they do not have a schedule of an Asian tour yet. As stated in the Disney On Ice website, Frozen will debut in Orlando, Florida with the first show on the 5th of September at 7:30 PM at Amway Center. The price for tickets start at $16 to, I believe, a little over $160, depending on the seat location.

About The Show 

The heartwarming, Academy Award-winning tale you love is now LIVE and skating into your town. You’ll be magically whisked away into the wintery world of Arendelle, where you will be dazzled by amazing special effects and astonishing skating. Sing and dance along to inspiring songs, including “Let It Go.” Join royal sisters Elsa and Anna, the hilarious snowman Olaf, Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and the mystical trolls as they journey to discover that true love is ultimately the most magical power of all! 
Hosted by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, with special guest appearances by your most beloved Disney Princesses and characters from favorites like Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Disney’s The Lion King, this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave your family with memories to last a lifetime.

I hope Frozen Disney On Ice comes to Philippines this December, or if not, I supposed they will come next year. If ever, I am sure to buy patron tickets for my family. The elder daughter loves it so much. It will be a perfect show for her now that she has a baby sister. She can sing the songs and act it the scenes well like most little girls I know. In fact, we are planning to throw a Disney Princess-Frozen themed party for her this year.

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