Friday, May 30, 2014

Reebok Pink Kicks

One month of working out in the gym is done and so here I am blogging about this pair of shoes I bought specifically for indoor training. I blame Solenn Heussaff, Aubrey Miles, and Ina Raymundo for this. If not because of their gym photos and all the food diet photos they post in IG, coupled with an inspiration to go back to my old size and being fit, I swear I wouldn't trade waking up early everyday with an hour of sweaty workout. No regrets here though. I already shrunk a little so handed down some my clothes, dresses, t-shirts, and jeans, to my cousins because they no longer fit well. Going back to these new pair of kicks.. thanks to my hubby for spoiling me. This is my most expensive pair of shoes.. ever!

The sole is so astig. I love it to bits. I feel so energized wearing it. I was not supposed to buy this pair. However, after checking other brands and style, I realized they are the lightest, the most comfy, and the awesomest girly sneakers I saw at the store.

I am not sure about the exact model name of this shoes. I believe it's Reebok Dual Compound since that's what it says in the packaging. What I love a lot about this shoes is that they're designed for in studio training, perfect for indoor gym activities like zumba or aerobics.

As we all know, Reebok is a very popular brand when it comes to sports shoes. It is comparable with Nike and Adidas. On my first day at the gym, I shared to one of the trainers that it is enough for me procrastinating and that my new shoes needs to be tested. She exclaimed, "Why? Is it Reebok, " and I nodded yes.

I think I will buy Reebok again in the future, perhaps, a matching pair with my daughters. Haha.


  1. How much? And where to buy them? I'm scouting for a pair of shoes that will inspire me to workout. :)

    1. Hi Em! I paid less than 4K for it. Um, I think you can find Reebok pretty much anywhere in the metro. Mine is from Olympic Outlet at Robinsons Forum tho. Cheers! :)


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