Friday, May 09, 2014

BLE: Real Greek Food

This is not good. I am currently on a No Junk Food Challenge and a little strict diet (yeah, just a little) but writing this entry makes me think of something to eat in a middle of the night. Nevertheless, it's not everyday that you see a place serving affordable authentic Greek/Turkish meal. And, for a fact, I seldom feature restaurants here in my blog so I guess it's about time.

Hubby told me about this newly-opened restaurant in BF Paranaque owned by a Greek-Turkish couple. They are still on a soft-opening but they're open pretty much everyday and also sell at Legazpi Market on Saturdays and Salcedo Market on Sundays. They serve starters, main meals, dessert, and tea. I believe they are yet to improve their menu. Anyhow, this write up will be just an honest review of a dry-run visit.

The facade of Ble is typically Greek in style and color, you know, white and blue paint and furniture, nazar boncuk (evil eye talisman), and some flowers and plants.

The interior of the restaurant has the same Greek theme. On the left side of the counter is the grill where they cook meat and breads. Those hanging lamps and those nazar boncuk on the wall remind me of the Turkish Marmara region so much.

This is the dip platter which consists of hummus, tzatziki, olives, and baba ganush served with pita. My favorite from this platter is baba ganush. It tasted really good. So far, the best baba ganush I ever had. I hope they improve the bread and hummus though. The first was chunky and the latter was oily.

Hubby ordered 3 souvlaki or pita wraps. He liked it so much. I also had a bite and yeah, it tasted better than any Turkish or Greek restaurants I know in the Metro. The mousaka which looks similar to a vegetable lasagna was filling. Lastly, we had loukmades, a pastry made of fried dough in syrup and cinnamon, for dessert.

Look at the smile on my face.

And hers.

Ble's dry run menu.

We paid less than P1,000 for our meal. Overall, our morning drive all the way there and back was worth it. Very much worth it that hubby and I even wished we live in the same neighborhood so we can easily order and enjoy our favorite food. If ever there's a holiday or else a Manny Pacquiao fight, we might as well drive to BF Homes again and dine at Ble.

#188 Aguirre Avenue,
BF Homes, ParaƱaque
Tel. 0917-833-92-71


  1. Those dishes look appetizing! I'll add this to my list of restos to try at BF Homes. Grabe tagal ko na gusto magfood trip sa lugar na yan, hindi lang matuloy tuloy. :)

    1. Go sis! This place is nice and authentic talag!! :)

  2. wow now i'm tempted to visit Aguirre again! Will certainly check this place out!! :)


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