Friday, April 18, 2014

Tagaytay, Taal Vista, Sky Fun, and Bag of Beans

It's the Lenten season but my family isn't going anywhere. First of all, hubby is working, then second of all, the beach hotels that I wanted to book either in Subic or Batangas are already full for the entire summer. Oh boy, tourists and vacationers are crazy these days. I think they booked their hotels as early as January or last year. Anyhow, I just got a confirmed room reservation of a hotel in Subic for my daughters' birthday getaway this year. We still have 4 months to go before the celebration, so in the meantime, I am sharing an entry about our short Valentine trip to Tagaytay 2 months ago.

A family picture with the beautiful view of Taal vulcano and lake. Suna was squirming. She didn't want to sit down. She only wanted to look around. Naughty little one! :)

We came on a Saturday and stayed for a night at Taal Vista Hotel, the best hotel in Tagaytay. We could have stayed for another night if Askim didn't have school the next day.

Our hotel room was great, clean and spacious. Everything was okay, well, aside from the broken hair dryer, which pretty much explains my bad hair day.

One of the reasons why we went to Tagaytay is Sky Ranch, also known as Sky Fun. Unluckily, the Sky Eye was out of order that day. Too many people queue, too little amusement ride working.

And here's a nice place to visit for a yummy gastronomic experience-- The Bag of Beans. The breakfast plate composed of garlic rice, longganisa, 2 eggs and side salad was filling. Hubby's plate of roasted beef as well as the fish and fries were yummy. The only thing that we didn't like was my elder daughter's chocolate pancake (not in the photo). The serving was too big for a kid and the taste was not good enough. I swear read-to-cook pancakes taste better than it. IMO, to improve that specific item in the menu, they better serve 3 small pancakes with fruits on the side instead of a giant one which is thick and boring. Overall, Bag of Beans is still a must-visit restaurant because of its lovely and relaxing ambiance while al fresco dining in a cool weather environment of Tagaytay.

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