Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Set of DIY Headbands

I created a couple of new headbands for my elder daughter, and usual, they were made with so much love. I first made a white one for her moving up ceremony at school, then another for everyday in a combination of pink and purple colors. I should've blogged about this DIY project long time ago, but I've been lazy playing brick games (yes, you got it right, such a late bloomer here) and scanning Facebook and Instagram until becoming sleepy after I tuck my girls to bed at night. Anyway highway, it's time to blab about the headbands I specially made for my firstborn. Here they are.

I didn't spend much money in making this flower headband. I used ribbons and hard tulle from cakes, gifts and goodie packaging. I just had to spend a few pesos for the plain headband and pearl buttons.

Same with the white headband, this two tone headband was created from old materials that I accumulated in my sewing kit. The sequins, ribbons and fabric all came from long time ago.

Time for my dear daughter to model the hair accessories! Which one do you like best?

My next project is going to be an Elsa dress for her 6th birthday party. I have five months to prepare, currently planning how to pull it off, thinking of an easy way to do it, what materials to use, and where to buy the materials. I can easily order it from a friend or from a favorite online MTO store. However, after once again proving my creativity on the Greek costume she wore to her reading recital at school, this momma wants to try her luck on a DIY Frozen-inspired Elsa dress and save some more. Will see what happens in September. Good luck to me! :))


  1. These are so pretty! I also checked the Greek costume and I couldn't believe it was only a DIY. You're amazing!

    1. Thaks Kristine. I do this from time to time. Try it too! :)


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