Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Make Baby Food

I started giving food to my baby girl on her 6th month, as per pediatrician's advice. The first food I gave her were fruits like grape and banana, fed using a baby fresh food feeder. Later on, I tried giving finely mashed squash and banana. Actually, I was close to buying pureed fruits and vegetables that were sold in tiny jars at groceries when I realized how expensive and completely impractical they are when I can easily make them myself. Enter this baby food making project for my little tot.

Easy Baby Food Recipe

You don't need an expensive baby food maker in order to do this one. All you need is a knife, a steamer and blender. Hooray for healthy homemade baby food. I totally saved money from doing this!

1. Choose colorful vegetables or crops like broccoli, potatoes, and carrots.

2. Peel, wash, and cut them into bite-size pieces before steaming.

3. Puree your chosen vegetable or crop one by one using a blender, adding a little amount of distilled or boiled water, until the desired texture. For variation, you may combine two or more vegetables like what I did here. The first photo is broccoli + potato. The second one is broccoli + carrot.

Added Tips
Tip #1. Combine a sweet-tasting veggie or crop with a plain tasting one. For example, sweet potato and a regular potato, corn and carrots, etcetera.

Tip #2. Transfer your baby food into tiny sterile containers and freeze so you can only take out and thaw enough amount for you baby each feeding time.

Tip #3. Be careful of choosing vegetable or crops that your baby might be allergic with. Best to consult your pediatrician before starting solids

My baby is already 7 months now. At her age, she had eaten breads, yogurt, rice and oranges other than those mentioned above, prepared through a blender. During our last visit to her doctor, we were advised that she can already take finely chopped meat but we are delaying that until next month. So far, she has improved in swallowing solids as well as drinking liquids from a cup.

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