Friday, February 14, 2014

Preschool Valentine Party

First off, happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today was another busy day again for me. Prepared the elder daughter for her Valentine party at school, cooked the meals for the family, sent a visiting aunt to the bus station to the province, still more errands in between, and now packing for an out of town Valentine trip. And oh, before the trip, elder daughter has a final acceleration test for grade one happening early in the morning tomorrow. As for her Valentine celebration at school, here you go.

Ready for the party.

My little miss with her class teacher and a couple of classmates.

It was a happy Valentine's day indeed.

She wears the same red dress she wore for her school's Christmas party. This time, I converted it from tube into a halter dress and she uses faux fur bolero as cover up. We made butterfly Valentine cards with lollipops for her classmates and friends as gift. For her teacher, we gave a tiny Valentine bear and an eye shadow palette, wrapped in a hearts mug with plastic cellophane and red ribbon. Most of her classmates gave her something sweet in return, but only one of her close friends gave the most special, a white Valentine teddy bear. So sweet of him. Thank you Gab!

Gotta hit the sack now for me to be able to wake early for our trip. Hope you ladies have the sweetest Valentine. Kisses to you all!!

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