Friday, February 28, 2014

Moving Up Ceremony Dresses

It's the last day of the month and tomorrow is already March. Moms with a preschooler.. I guess you all know what does it mean. It's time to search for that perfect moving up ceremony dress or graduation dress. It can be white or off-white with matching shoes and stockings. This year at my daughter's school, they specially noted that parents and relatives of preschoolers attending the ceremony should be in proper attire. Formal wear that is.

Okay, I can easily shop or dig my closet for something to wear, but looking for a fabulous dress for my daughter is something else. I already did some window shopping while buying shoes and stockings today, also searched online suppliers and made-to-order merchants. Ahh.. I know it's such a big deal for me. Otherwise, my elder daughter will pass preschool once so it has to be nice and memorable, more memorable than her moving up ceremony last year.

As for the moving up outfit inspiration, I have collected some photos from the web with girls wearing very lovely white dresses. Since they dresses are either white and off-white, I bet they are perfect for flower girls and first communion too. Take a look.

flowers and tulle dress

organza dress

satin and tulle dress

tulle with crimp detail dress

This coming week will be my elder daughter's fourth quarter exam week. After their exams, they'll be busy practicing their moving up song. Aside from the moving up song, they have another number to practice which is the opening. I hope that the school uses a good mobile audio service this time. I think it's important that they focus on the quality of the sound. Their minus one should be clear enough for the kids to be able to sing along pretty well.

Hmmm.. enough of that. Now tell me, which one of the dresses you think will look best for my preschooler? I personally love the first one. How about you? Do share some thoughts.

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  1. hey there, mrs. kolca! :)
    i think the fourth dress will look perfectly perfect on aşkım. wishing her well on her exams.

    1. Thanks dear.

      I love that too because of the ball skirt with fuller volume. So pretty, right?

      Cheers! <3

  2. All of them are dainty. But it's the last one that appeals to me the most. :)

    1. Thanks sis. I think I'm gonna be looking for something similar. Gawan ng paraan! :))


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