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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Pretty Preschoolers

These photos of my elder daughter and a couple of her classmates were taken last year, her first year as a preschooler. I can't believe she is almost done with Junior Casa 2. She was just a baby when she started schooling at 3 years old. Now she's already 5 and taller, latest photos here. Whew, time has flown by so fast!

Looks at those chubby cheeks and cute innocent smiles :)

I am so proud of my firstborn. She could only identify different shapes and colors, memorize the ABCs and count 1 to 10 when she first entered Junior Casa 1. Now she can read blended words, add and subtract 2 digit numbers, tell the states of matter, etcetera. Aside from her regular school, she's also attending a Kumon reading class, then Math class starting next week.

My husband and I have big dreams for our elder daughter. As parents, we want her to grow up into a fine young lady, send her to the best school we can afford in order to help her get a bright future.

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  1. Girl ish here! Hi! Musta na! Uy i always read your blog whenever i have time, write something nmn about KUMON feedback lng and mga improvements balak ko rin kc i kumon c babyluv eh, regards to ur family hope to see u soon!


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