Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Holidays

First blog entry for 2014. I have nothing much to blab about except that hubby initially wanted to take us to Baguio or Subic for the holidays but I didn't support the idea. I think long drive with an active preschooler and a newborn baby can be very uncomfortable. We ended up spending both Christmas and New Year at home. Besides, it is not where you celebrate the holidays, it is with whom you celebrate them with.

We had this lovely gingerbread house as a centerpiece for Christmas. Hubby and I saw it at S & R and thought the girls would love it. True enough.. Suna couldn't take her eyes off this biscuit house, while surprisingly, Askim didn't mind it at all. She was too busy with her presents. She got the most number of gifts this year, more or less 20.

After dinner that Christmas eve, I phoned auntie Jo who was spending Christmas with Papa Jose, my dearest grandpa, at our provincial house in Romblon. Subject of conversation was about family, yuletide and stuff. A little later before the clock hits twelve, she called back and informed me between sobs that Papa already passed away. Though we kind of expected it because of his old age, his health deteriorated after Mama passed away; I still felt really bad, slept the noche buena in tears. He was the best grandfather in the world. He took care of me and my siblings.

Goodbye Papa. You must be happy now together with Mama, Nanay, auntie Rosalie, Uncle Ricardo (the first) and Uncle Ricardo (second). We love you so much. You are always in our heart!

Moving on, I cooked a 4 course meal for our New Year's Eve dinner. I didn't cook too much like I did for Christmas dinner to avoid leftover. Besides, there are only 4 adults in the house including a couple of helpers, then the kids. After dinner and a little rest, we tucked the kids to bed and then watched Turkish TV until midnight.

The following are some shots from our year-end photo session. This year's color is red-white-black. I didn't upload a photo which includes hubby, but I'm sure you know what color he wore if you follow me on Instagram.

New year, new hair. Hubby finally allowed me to chop it off because of falling hair. Arrghh.. post-pregnancy problems you know. Anyway, I wore the houndstooth overlap dress that I bought from Zalora for the photo op, while the girls both wore a polka dot dress.

Suna was looking adorable in her outfit with matching bow headband. She was squirming in some parts of the session, so I had someone tease her as to get a good shot. Glad that her ate looked at the camera and managed to flash cute smiles. Will print and frame some of our year-end photos and have them displayed on our walls.

This year, I have some goals for this blog as well as resolutions for my own life. Part of my goal is to save all my blogging money then invest it into something valuable by the end of the year. Another goal is to publish longer and more sensible posts. Other goals include editing the layout and organizing the entries. It's going to be a long process and it starts today.


  1. Happy new year! You look nice with your new hair also your red lippie ;)

  2. awwww...happy new year sis! you look like a teenager on your newdo...bagay sayo! Suna is getting bigger...lovely photos!


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