Thursday, January 30, 2014

Family Time at Pasig Rainforest Park

To beat boredom on our usual stay-at-home weekend, our family decided to have a little trip to Pasig Rainforest, formerly known as Pasig Central Park. It's been over 5 years since the last time I visited this park in Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City. They added more features to the park like a butterfly garden, a pavilion, a mini train, an adventure center which includes a zipline, a flower garden, and animal statues. Pasig Rainforest Park is a public park so it's normally crowded specially on weekends.

Posing in front of a dinosaur, my elder daughter was the most excited to go to this place.

We lost our way to the tower of Alice but still enjoyed The Maze.

She poses for a photo with this lonesome horse at the Petting Zoo.

These black butterflies were caught snacking on some ripe pineapples at the Butterfly Garden.

Just had to snap a photo of this yellow flower at the Flower Garden.

This is our family in a collage of more photos of flowers from the park.

A park like Pasig's is a nice place to visit when you have limited budget and do not have time for a long trip. There is free parking on a first come, first served basis, entrance to the park is free, and the fee for each feature is minimal, only P10 for kids and P20 for adults. Other amenities like the youth center and the senior citizen area has no entrance fee. One can hire the pavilion for special occasions like birthday, reception, meeting, etc. Picnic huts are for rent inside the park, so you can bring your own food to be shared with your family. Snacks are available at food kiosk, too.

My elder daughter enjoyed the zoo a lot. She complained about some smelly animals like chickens, pigs and rabbits but overall, I know she liked what she saw and experienced. Another thing that she liked was the Children's Playground. Problem is, there was too much dust in there. I hope they cover the ground with sand or use rubber mats. My favorite feature is the Flower Garden. It's very nice to take photos there. Hubby would have enjoyed the Adventure Park's zipline, but he had backache that day. Next time I guess.

If I were a Maybunga resident, I think I would go to this park every morning to exercise and jog. If you live around Pasig, particularly in District II, it is a perfect park to go for fresh air or for some dog walking. Like they say, it is an oasis to the city's hustle and bustle. I wish there is a place like it here in Mandaluyong. Too bad the Tiger City doesn't have anything much to boast when it comes to parks. The only park I know which is enough for enjoyment is SM Megamall. Just kidding.

Have you ever been to Pasig Rainforest Park? Which feature did you like the most? Why?


  1. Do they still have the swimming pool? Classmates and I used to hang out there back in highschool. :)

  2. Yeah, Definitely agree with you. I like their Flower garden,because it is soo refreshing , yet I missed to feature it in my blog the last we went there. Anyhoo! It is really such a good place to jog in the morning.

    1. I think you should go back one fine day. Perfect for picture-taking! :D


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