Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day Off

One Sunday morning, my elder daughter came to me asking about day off. Prior to that, she was in the kitchen talking to one of my cousins. Below was our conversation.

Askim: "Mama, what is day off?"
Me: "A day off is a free day when someone is not working".
Askim: "Tita Yelle said, ate Mylene is day off".
Me: "Oh, she mean to say she is not working today."
Askim: "Can I have day off, Mama?"
Me: "You can't have a day off 'cause you're just a kid and you're not working".
Askim: "Oh, how about you, Mama? Do you have a day off?"
Me: "That's the problem! I wonder why I don't have a day off!!"

And then I laughed out loud thinking it was so smart of her to ask those questions. Hubby who was at the dining area overheard the conversation so he laughed as well. Hahaha!

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