Friday, January 24, 2014

Catching Up

Busy busy busy! That's how it went for us right after the holidays. We did a lot of things lately that almost every night, when I'm done breastfeeding my baby daughter and tucking the elder daughter to bed, I'd chose to either sit down lazily in front of TV or scan IG and Facebook in my mobile phone until getting sleepy.

In the first week of the month, Suna turned 5 months and it was also her schedule to see the pediatrician for immunization. In the second week, we needed to go to an ENT for elder daughter's ear checkup which led to cleaning/flashing, at the same time, I visited an ophthalmologist to consult my eye problem. In the end, I was advised to wear prescription glasses, so yeah, I look pretty much like 33 now. Hahaha.

Our darling Suna Isobel at 5 months old.

As usual, it was ate who blew the cake.

The busy schedule continued as I dragged the kids to the Department of Foreign Affairs for our passport application and renewal. At the same day, I requested for an NSO copy of Suna's birth certificate and later sent to DFA again for authentication (red ribbon). Thanks goodness for the NSO Helpline and DFA Express Authentication Service. I didn't have to go to the office of Philippine Census in Quezon City, battle the traffic, queue the lines, etc. and go to DFA office in Pasay to personally apply for the red ribbon.

Apparently, our passports will be released next week and as well as baby daughter's (Turkish) national ID as hubby managed to process it. To explain the rush, we are running after the snow, hoping to get cheaper ticket to Turkey and fly at least before the winter wonderland bids goodbye. I am never a big fan of the cold weather but I have to go with the flow. Hubby really wants to grant our elder daughter's wish to see snow this year since we failed to see it last year. You know I blame this madness as triggered by the Disney movie Frozen. The elder daughter is currently very much fascinated with the Elsa's magical power to create snow as she sings Let It Go.

In the meantime, I will be busy again looking for a new school. Askim might be accelerated to grade one next year. Hubby and I do not push her a lot to it but we motivated her a bit. It will be very nice if she passes the test and skips kindergarten or advance casa, saving her a year from schooling and helping us save money. We already told her that she'll get a new bicycle as a reward if she earns a passing grade that will serve as her ticket to enter an elementary school.

I googled and called a number of private schools in Mandaluyong and its neighboring cities and was able to gather information on schedule of classes, amount of tuition, number of students, etc. Just this afternoon, I received a copy of the list of requirements to an international school in Pasig. No final decision yet regarding our elder daughter's next school, though. Only one thing is for sure, that she will stop attending her present school and she's transferring to a bigger one.

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  1. oohhh going back to Turkey how nice! ;) hope I can come there this year or next year too


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