Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Kids Get Sick

Red, itchy, and puffy eyes.. I hate those! Sore eyes plagued my family for weeks. It started with my husband to my elder daughter, from the elder daughter to me, then lastly to our little baby. She would wake up with her left eye closed because of pus. Her right eye got infected, too. They became so itchy that she scratched so much until her face turned red.

Here is a photo taken on her 4th month birthday with red and swollen left eye.

I am glad that we have a kind pediatrician who right away replies to my text whenever I need help like if the kids are sick and do not know what to do. She recommended Terramycin eye ointment for faster healing. I just had to wait until the next day to buy the said ointment 'cause the pharmacy in our block doesn't operate 24 hours. I wish we have online drugstores in the Philippines like http://www.tcds.com/ in Canada. It can be very convenient and hassle-free to have medicines delivered to your home.

In any case, it is really hard for me to see my children getting sick. I always remind my husband and elder daughter to wash hands once they come home from office or school in order to prevent any germs or virus to spread in the family.


  1. Oh 'Hope your little baby boy will get well soon!


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