Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best of 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry for no update. I was on a blogging hiatus because of a very important matter. Anyhow, it's the last day of the year, I thought I'll post an update at least before the calendar turns 2014. This year has been a good year to me, blessing poured, traveled here and abroad, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, but at the same time, some events broke my heart and left the rest of us devastated. This post should be all about the best of 2013 only so allow me to focus on the best memories alone. Here we go.

We started the year with fun and happiness as a family, watching Disney Princesses and Heroes on Ice at the Big Dome.

I met some of the girls from our online Turkish-Filipino community. Link to my post is HERE.

Blogged about my Baby Bump for the first time.

April I was able to finally buy a Michael Kors Jest Set Tote. Yay!

It's summertime and we spent it in Turkey. One of the best summers ever!!

I turned 33. Older but wiser.

Had an ultrasound of my baby at In My Womb. Whoa, she was hiding really well, covering her face in my tummy.

And she came. Her name is Suna Isobel. My lovely second daughter.

My elder daughter celebrated her 5th birthday with her dream Disney Princess theme.

The little one reached an amazing milestone. Link to my post HERE.

My daughters and I went to Romblon to visit my Papa Jose, the best grandfather in the world. Part of the travel was mentioned HERE.

We went back to Cebu for a 3 day vacation. I haven't blogged about the whole experience yet, my busy mommy life makes me suck at blogging, but it was truly amazing. Part of the visit was narrated HERE.

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