Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rest in Peace Papadom

During the 90's, I was one of the fans of the song Kapayapaan by Tropical Depression. That time, I did not know that its genre was called reggae. Later on, I learned from my older brother that reggae is actually the kind of music that Dominic Gamboa a.k.a. Papadom was playing. Scanning through my Facebook timeline early today, I have read that Papadom already passed away. Reports say that the cause of his death was complications due to kidney failure.

Papadom would have turned 48 today (December 19). Rest in peace Papadom and thank you for the music. You are a legend to those whom you mentored.

By the way, I wish to buy a microphone for my brothers in the province who run a small lights and sound business. Any idea as to what kind of microphone Papadom was using in the photo? Doesn't it look similar with Starpower? Anyone?

Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

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  1. So, it's true pala. I read it also in Facebook. I salute him to his contribution to the music industry. Rest in peace, Papadom!


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