Monday, December 16, 2013

Ready for Christmas?

Looking at our Christmas tree this afternoon while breastfeeding my little baby and adoring those red and gold ornaments that hang on it, I couldn't help but ask myself if I am all set for Christmas. I am 90% done with shopping, my Christmas menu is ready, and we started delivering most presents for friends and family.

Majority of the presents left under the tree are for my elder daughter's classmates and friends. Some of them are for my friends and the rest were given to us. Gotta keep in mind that I need to visit the nearest mall at least once before the holiday break in order to get something special for hubby. Discount offers are everywhere in December and they can be very tempting. However, my husband is a little choosy and unpredictable.

Honestly right now, I still do not know what to buy for him. He works as a programmer and website or software developer so he's more of a gadget and technical person. He doesn't like perfumes or accessories. Clothes don't stay long in his closet and he gets easily tired of them.

Ahh.. any gift-giving tips and ideas?

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