Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Baby's Development

It's amazing how a baby develops and reaches a certain milestone. Honestly, I feel happy and proud every time Suna Isobel learns something new. My younger daughter is now 4 months old and below are the notable things that I observed from her.

Rolling Over
She's been practicing to roll over since she learned the trick at 3 months. This time, she does it quietly and plays on her stomach until she gets tired.

Taken today in our bedroom. I thought she was already sleeping so I left her and was about to take a quick shower. To my surprise, she already rolled over and positioned near the edge of the bed. Good thing our bed has a quilted mattress which is firm and doesn't sag just like a foam mattress at this site, or else, my baby already fell to the floor if not because of the wall.

Sitting and Holding her Head
Suna started to hold her head at 3 months and she can sit with back support because of that. When shopping, it is already convenient to use a baby carrier.

Sleeping & Feeding Pattern
She takes a nap 3 times a day after feeding. Her sleeping time is in the morning, at midday, and in the afternoon. She gets cranky if she is not able to follow that pattern, so I try my best not to disturb her during those times. On the other hand, she sleeps longer at night and wakes up on her own whenever hungry.

Laughing Out Loud
She doesn't recognize funny facial expressions yet, but she loves smiling a lot at people. When teased, she can give a giggle to a barrel of loud laughs.

Playing with Objects
She loves staring at objects with interesting shapes and colors. For example, she can look at the DIY pom poms which I created for the pink room for minutes while making adorable baby sounds. She also loves playing with her bugs music mobile, staring at it the whole time, reaching a toy with her hand over and again.

Uttering Sounds
This is the most exciting of all. She doesn't just coo anymore. She is actually beginning to imitate sounds like "maa" or "yaa". She is babbling all the time.

Babies are not all alike. Some babies maybe developing faster than the other. In my baby's case, I cannot say she's late nor advance. I am just a typical mom who feels happy with each milestone that I see from my little baby.

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