Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fear of Santa Claus

The elder daughter used to fear Saint Nicholas. She would agree about taking photos with Santa but cried after seeing him up close. I don't know what's wrong with Rudolph's boss that some kids are uneasy beside him. Anyway, I am glad that my firstborn finally conquered her fear of the big guy.

This photo was taken last year. See that expression on her face? Haha.

This is her photo with Santa taken just recently. Pretty smile this time huh.

Christmas day is fast approaching and I am sure we will stumble on Santa somewhere again. I remember way back 2005 when my husband and I were still dating. He revealed to me that Santa was Turkish and I couldn't believe it. Later on I learned that he was actually a Christian saint and a bishop in an ancient Greek town called Demre, now part of Antalya in Turkey, contrary to the belief that he is from the North Pole. The image of Santa these days do not match the original saint. He wasn't overweight and he didn't have white hair and beard. Although he was said to be very kind to children, it is not true that he has elves working for him, making toys to be delivered through the chimney to all children all over the world.

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