Monday, December 16, 2013

Domain Authority

I heard about domain authority today and thought I need to read more about it and what does it mean to my blog site. I'm happy though that my knowledge when it comes to SEO is improving little by little. Back in 2005 when I started blogging through Xanga, it was only as simple as keeping an online journal, writing poems, letters and stories. I moved from Xanga to Friendster, then later on from Friendster to Blogger. Fast forward to 2013 and here I am, a proud owner of Pink MagaLine. I am not a famous blogger but I am satisfied with my own progress, looking back to all the trial and errors, considering the number of blogs I owned and all.

Domain authority checker says has a score of 35.

I also checked blogsites that I frequently visit and saw their scores.


If you know a lot about domain authority, please help me understand it better and will truly appreciate it. Happy blogging! :)

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