Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Project: Giving an Old Ballet Shoes A New Look

I bought this gold pair of Barbie ballet flats for my elder daughter to wear on her 5th birthday. It used to have jeweled bows but they fell off easily. Hubby saw it and he decided to pull out everything, leaving the shoes bare and looking unpleasant. I was supposed to buy a replacement for my daughter to use for her reading recital. I couldn't find a pair that looks very similar so.

As a remedy, I cleaned the old ballet shoes, brought out a gold ribbon, a brown thread, some beads and a glue gun. I made a couple of bows then sew and glued them to the Barbie shoes and viola!

Now my elder daughter has shoes that matches her Greek costume perfectly. Happy that I was able to recycle something instead of throwing it. Not to mention, I was able to save money too.

Till my next DIY project mommies! :)

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  1. More DIY projects! That's really a cool idea instead of throwing the shoes na kaagad! :D


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