Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Project: Christmas Headband

Before actually thinking of a remedy for my elder daughter's old Barbie ballet flats, I first tried to figure out how to make a hair accessory that would match her Christmas dress. I have this stash of used and excess ribbons in different colors, width and texture. I keep them in one plastic and would recycle them into headbands or use them as decor for presents and other stuff. I have this flower headband as my newest project.

The photo above illustrates the process in doing this Christmas-inspired headpiece, a flower headband which my elder daughter loves so much.

She will be wearing it at school this coming Wednesday. I am sure it will look pretty together with her red party dress.

Materials Used:
-red ribbon
-white ribbon
-used buttons
-threads and needle
-glue gun
-old headband

I have another headband finished together with this one but will show it in a separate post later.

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