Thursday, November 28, 2013

Suna Isobel (A Poem)

Can't remember exactly when the last time I wrote a poem, but I know it was for my elder daughter. I've written her maybe 3 or 4 and now I feel like writing for my newborn. To my dear Suna Isobel, this one is for you.

So adorable and sweet that's what you are,
Uplifting my personality like the brightest star.
Never thought I'll have another angel,
As sweet you my dear Isobel.

In my life you are truly an inspiration.
Sometimes I just pause in full admiration.
Over the moon is how I feel each day,
Because of you everything feels okay.
Enduring love is what I promise to you,
Lasting and long-suffering no matter where I go.

Seni cok seviyorum Sunam.
Always and forever.

Love Mama

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