Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barbie Party

Have you been to a real Barbie House? Or attended an exclusive Barbie party? One of my elder daughter's closest friends celebrated her birthday at the Barbie House in Shangri-la Plaza recently. Barbie is her friend's favorite character so it was a dream party for her which was granted by her parents. Being a Barbie lover too, my elder daughter was so excited to attend the event and have fun.

Each girl attendee got a new hairstyle and was pampered with Barbie-inspired nails.

This is how the life-size Barbie house looks like. So pink.

My daughter loved it there. I bet you can tell.

There was a buffet of sweets for the party-goers. Donuts and cupcakes anyone?

My daughter and her cute friend. She just turned 6.

All the girls gathered around the cake for the birthday song and cake-blowing.

I think I will choose this place if I were to book a small party place for either of my daughters. It is not huge but just enough for an intimate event that a kid will surely love on her birthday. I am not sure though if how much do they charge for the rent per hour. Will try to drop by Shangri-la and inquire.


  1. i'm sure the girls had a blast! with the girly girl stuff, fun food and playing with friends, who could ask for more in a party? :)

  2. Ohh so pink and girly and sweets galore, what a fun party for your little girl :)

  3. My friend's looking for s party venue for her daughter's 3rd bday. Is this in the Shangri La mall? Thanks in advance.

  4. My friend's looking for a venue for her baby's 3rd bday. Is this in the Shangrila mall?


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