Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turkish Apartments

While I had the chance to visit a few places in Turkey last summer, I noticed that most multi-dwelling units there are low-rise, apartment buildings stand in rows and they are mostly 5 to 10 storeys only. Most of those apartments don't have elevators, though rooms are normally spacious, some are adorned with flowers at the facade, others have direct access to a major road.

I took this photo of a pink apartment in Bal─▒kesir.

I love it because of the different variety of roses all over the place.

One thing that I don't like about this Turkish apartment though, is the country or traditional interior. I have nothing against Ottoman design but imagine a cabinet from long long time ago full of unused glassware, silverware and chinaware. Also, I wish they don't have that hard sofa-bed in the guestroom. I swear if we are to move to Turkey and hubby purchased a new apartment for the family, I would buy bedroom sets and prettify my apartment the modern way. Goodbye crochet pieces and boring furniture. Hello chic and urban furnishing and architectural features!

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  1. It really looks neat.ang ganda..parang ang sarap tumira jan ^^


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