Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Philippine Premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4

I'm freaking excited because the Philippine premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 is around the corner. October 19, 2013 is the date and the show will start at 8:55 PM. Hey, are you a fan of this TV series too? Which season is your favorite? Ready for more walkers?

I heard that Rick Grimes is back to his senses in this season. Well, he should be! As for Carl, I think it isn't true that he'll die in this season. He'll survive it with his dad and baby sister.

Daryl and Michonne.. two of my favorite characters. Oh yeah, I am definitely expecting more zombie head barbecue and flying body parts this season!

Lastly, I am curios about the 'love birds' Glenn and Maggie as much as I'm curios with the Governor and his next move. Let's see in eighteen days. Do not forget to tune in!

Source of Photos: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/


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