Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monthly Birthday for Babies

I have no idea who started this concept and don't know the reason behind it, but when my elder daughter Aşkim was still a baby, we bought her a cake almost every 25th of the month and sung her 'happy birthday' until she turned 1. Personally, I was doing it to show how grateful I was that Heavenly blessed my family with such an adorable daughter. Indeed, I am always in the state of gratitude seeing her amazing milestones each day.

Aşkim and her birthday celebration and monthly cake blowing..

Another special day that I baked cupcakes a fruity cake for her..

Now we have a repeat with our second daughter Suna. I requested hubby to buy her a cake on her 1st month and he was like, "Again? So we will do this again every month?!" And I was like, "Of course!" I made it clear to him that I don't want Suna to question me later on why we didn't celebrate her birthday each month until reaching the age of one. Being their mom, I want them to feel equally loved. The size or the brand of the cake doesn't matter to me. What matters the most is my expression of love with the happiness they brought to our lives.

A photo of my little girls and I on Suna's 2nd month birthday..

Now you know how random I look without makeup..^^

Nonetheless, I am the happiest about having two beautiful daughters, the first being 5 and the second just 2 months old. I imagine just a few years from now, these two will enjoy going to school or watching movies together. A little more years and then we will be hitting the malls and shopping like sisters. Ahh.. it's one of my greatest dreams!


  1. so sweet mom you are.. yeah you are right, that brand of the cake doesn't really matter, we just wanted our kids to be feel loved.^_^

  2. I agree, both should get the same treatment with love! :) no matter how small or big the cake is, as long as they're healthy, I'm sure you're happy.


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