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Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Another Giveaway

Oh yes! Here's one just because I promised you last time that I'll host another after my birthday giveaway. Sorry that it took a while though. 'Twas a little hard to decide what to giveaway because I had a problem with post office recently. They won't accept shipment of any liquid or cream anymore, same with the nearest courier to my place. As a remedy, I think I am going to divide this giveaway into 2 winners. The first winner should be able to pick up her prize, while the second winner will receive her prize through shipping.

What do I have here? These are selected items from my beauty stash. Honestly, I accumulated these items from tokens and gifts that PR companies give or send me and the rest is the result of panic buying. Haha.. IKR? So, I am hosting this giveaway instead of letting vines grow on them. The 1st winner will receive the following:

-Pond's pinkish white pearl cream
-Wish nail color collection
-Dalan family soap (Turkish brand)
-travel size containers
-L'Oreal Total Repair Shampoo
-Pond's double action radiant eyes
-Mary Kay night complex
-Penti barely there sandal toe tights (Turkish brand)
-The Body Shop SPA FIT toning concentrate
-Etude House easy brow pencil
-Pond's Pore conditioning toner
-Bath & Body Works hand gel

The second winner will get this pink swimsuit.

How to join? Refer to Rafflecopter below.

Sorry. This contest is over.

Repost or regram this image and gain another entry.

This giveaway is open both for local and international readers. Like I said, I will pick 2 winners. The 1st winner should be local and pickup point is anywhere near Shaw Blvd. MRT Station.

On the other hand, the 2nd winner could be either local or international (up to Rafflecopter to decide on that) and prize will be sent through local post.

Start of this giveaway is today October 25, 2013. Last day to enter will be November 15, 2013. Extended until November 20. The mandatory requirement is to comment to this post. One can gain up to 28 entries in order to win.

Winners of this giveaway will be notified through an email.

What are you waiting for? Join now! Good luck!! :)


  1. I like makeup if i'm going somewhere, so yes to make up.


  2. Makeup! No one needs it but I think just the act of putting it on is such a confidence boost! Plus make up enhances and I firmly believe that all women should always feel their best!

  3. Make up; because, now that I am a WAHM,I do not want to look manang or losyang,.make up, transformed your looks.


  4. I know most women will answer MAKE UP, but I chose NO MAKEUP because I want to be simple and natural. Although I use lip balm, lipstick and powder sometimes. Most of the time, I just go out of the house with no make up. I believe that people should accept you inside and out. And yes, I might look losyang or old but I am happy with who I am. Yes, I envy those who loves and know how to put on their make-ups, how it enhances more the beauty of a person, how it can boost a lady's confidence inside and out. I guess there is no wrong or right answer to the question. As long as you are happy and satisfied with how you look with or without make up, it is fine.


  5. with makeup; because it shows my personality.


  6. Make up.

    It enhances our beauty. Since I'm a working mom, putting some effort to look better shows more of professionalism.


  7. Make up, cause it makes me feel more confident! :)
    Jenna O

  8. of course Makeup !! :) when wearing it , i feel glamorous & confident .

  9. With all honesty, I am glowing without make-up. People appreciates my natural beauty, I guess it's because of my consistent warm smile. But I do know how to put on make-up especially for formal events. =)
    Crystal Marie Cañete

  10. MAKEUP, it makes me feel more beautiful and confident

  11. Make up; because,I want to look more beautiful at all..


  12. no makeup! although i used lipstick when i go out, i'd still prefer not wearing any makeup at all. though i may appear dull, i find it liberating not wearing anything on my face because i don't need to worry if my lipstick fades or if my face is shiny and oily. but real deal is (i don't know how to apply proper makeup,lol!)


  13. I'll go for make-up to be more beautiful, more confident, more vibrant.
    Belinda Ibañez

  14. I'll go for make-up to be more beautiful, more confident and more vibrant

    Belinda Ibañez

  15. I dont wear any make up at all.. just lipstick and face powder is enough for me.. althoug sometimes I wear make up occasionally...

  16. Make up! - makes me feel confident and beautiful ♥


  17. make up! it enhance my self worth, and i feel more confidence when wearing make up...i believe make up is part of a well-groomed and proper feminine appearance.

  18. I only wear a little amount of make up for special occasions, just to spice things up a bit, but nothing compares to our natural beauty :)

  19. Make up,because i feel beautiful in whole day-lorena_capote@yahoo.com

  20. With makeup because I feel more confident!

    monica dot calangian at gmail dot com

  21. Makeup because it gives me confidence

  22. When I'm in the mood I really love to wear make up so yes make up! :)


  23. Yes specially If I'm in the mood :D


  24. No make-up here in the rurals, but when I'm in the city I require myself to put some make-up on. =)

    I'm following via GFC, glad to have found your blog.


  25. No makeup :) natural beauty is much better to look on but of course make up depends on the person who will put it. as long as carry m mag make up then Go!!


  26. Makeup. I look so ale without Makeup.
    Abigail sy

  27. with makeup or not .. it does not matter .. your personality itself will make you glow and standout :)

  28. No Make-up. I'm too lazy to put it on. ;-)

  29. Ooops! forgot my details:
    Melanie Medrano

  30. No make-up! I am not too fond of make-up + I do not know how to apply a thing, just lipstick, I guess. Plus, I think I look better without make-up! :)


  31. i can go out of the house without it but i guess if i don't wear lipstick, i would be a walking dead , so i better have one.

  32. Yes to makeup! But depende pa din sa situation. If I really needs to wear one then gows. :)

    Krisna Mesa

  33. Hey!! Lovely blog...
    Follow each other?? let me know will follow back ^_^


  34. Aww too bad I wasn't able to join :(

    I'll wait for the next giveaway! Followed your blog :) from GT.

  35. hmm..hard to decide but i think i would still prefer the pink swimsuit..i just hope that it would look good on me..^^

    anyway,thanks for the giveaways..:)


  36. i want make up please..^..^



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