Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Costume for Little Girls

Trick or treating is just around the corner. Time to look for that most unique or scariest Halloween costume again. As for me, it must be a simple, DYI or cheap if possible, in a very girly color. Being a mother of two girls, all that I want is for them to look lovely and never scary. For 4 years, my firstborn have been trick or treating in cute costumes.

She wore a DIY Hawaiian costume when she was 1 year old.
I handmade everything, the grass skirt, baby bra, flower necklace and bracelet.

A pink cheongsam (gift from a friend) was her Halloween costume when she was 2.
She paired it with pink sandals and flower pigtails and viola.. my little Chinese girl!

Another DIY was this Minnie Mouse inspired Halloween costume when she was 3.
The girl in pink is her bestfriend. She wore a pink princess costume.

Last year, she celebrated Halloween at school in a simple cowboy costume,
whilst her classmates were either a princess, a fairy or a manga character.

This year, she will be wearing a customized Aurora (Disney Princess) dress.
That's the same dress she wore on her 5th birthday.

On the other hand, our chubby cheeks is going to wear her pink lady bug costume.
She's only a baby so I guess we won't go around trick or treating like her ate.

Are you ready for Halloween yet? What costume did you buy for your kid/s? Where are you going to trick or treat?


  1. awwww... she looks like Aurora!!! She definitely looks like a princess! :P

  2. Cute babies! Im planning to DIY a tinkerbell costume for my girl. She's gonna join the Jollibee halloween fun. :)

  3. So cute your girls... :-) My son will be a dino this year. He was dracula last year and a ghost the year before that. But no scary make up or anything he will not approve.


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