Monday, October 21, 2013

Coke Got A Name

I think Coca-Cola's campaign called 'Share a Coke' is just awesome. I wonder when will they start doing it here in the Philippines. Too bad I have a uniquely spelled given name so I'm sure it won't see it on any of those bottles. However, expect common boy names like James, Joshua, Mark, Ryan, John, and Jayson, then girl names like Angelica, Christine, Kyla, Nicole, Jessa, Michelle, and Jenny to appear.

In Turkey, they have bottled and canned Coke bearing common Turkish names like Ahmet, Ailem, Özlem and Mehmet. Not sure though if they have my daughters' names.

In this YouTube video, you can see bottled Coke with so many different names. I see Tim, Rob, Finn, Andrew John, Victoria, Rachel, Kyle, Ben, Sarah, Joel, Mike, Hannah, and many more.

It's just fun, right? What do you think?! :)

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  1. This is very interesting! I would love a Venus bottle though I don't drink much Coke! haha

  2. indeed! a very interesting gift to give!


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