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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Cravings

I am currently craving for sweet things. Honestly, I want to eat dark chocolate cookies, cheesecake and some native kakanin right now. I was browsing my archive a while ago when I saw these photos of a BreadTalk cake hubby bought sometime in 2011 which made me crave for some desserts. I still remember when he went home surprising me with this cake, also telling me that I should try baking something similar.

This gorgeous treat tasted like a cheesecake with slices of apricot, kiwi, apple and strawberry on top.

Ahh.. we loved this cake so much. Too bad BreadTalk do not sell it anymore.

Furthermore, I am going to the grocery in a bit and will buy ingredients for the graham cake which hubby requested. I am not really a fan of refrigerator cakes, so I am cooking corn maja for myself just to satisfy my cravings.

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