Monday, September 16, 2013

Sogo Waistline Reducer Review

One of the common problems of women after pregnancy is the post-partum pooch. I know how hard it is to get rid of that extra tummy flab, so this time again I made sure to wear a maternity binder. A week after delivery, I shifted to a waist-shaper and saw the difference in my waistline. On the third and fourth week I mostly wore this waistline reducer.

Sogo Waistline Reducer is for men and women.
It sells at P399.75 in department stores.

It has extra strong elastic waistband with velcro fastener.
I got mine in beige color but this product is also available in black.

The packaging says it helps maintain your waistline, specially helpful for women after giving birth and men with protruding "beer belly", so easy to use, and feels like you're not wearing any at all!

Sogo Waistline Reducer is available size small for people with 22 to 29 inches waistline, medium for those with 28 to 35 inches waistline, large for 33 to 41, and extra large for 42 to 49.

Things that I like about Sogo Waistline Reducer:
-It is strong and elastic.
-Not too thick and it doesn't feel hot when worn.
-Very affordable.

Things that I don't like about Sogo Waistline Reducer:
-I had to cut the velcro edges because they were painful to the skin.
-The velcro produces a loud noise while unfastening.
-Too strong so fastening it is not easy.

Will I buy it again?
It helped me reduce my waistline so I guess yes.
My waistline was 38" after delivery. Now I am down to 30".
I will continue using it until I reached my desired size.

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  1. i wore binder too when I gave birth, and yes It really help to reduce thoe fats.. nice sis..


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