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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sale Find: Cynthia Rowley Dress

I was browsing NY fashion week photos in IG, I saw the name Cynthia Rowley and it reminded of the dress that I bought before summer. I love this dress so much. It has a very soft, stretchy and cool fabric. The design is simple yet it looks nice when worn. I was supposed to wear this dress in a preggy photoshoot but never actually did it because of so much procrastination. Oh well, so here I am with this panghihinayang feeling. Erase.

The best thing about this dress is.. it's a designer dress!

 Not to mention, I got it in a very affordable price!!

Sale Find: Cynthia Rowley Dress
Sale Price: P350 or $8
Regular Price: Unknown. For reference, I visited cynthiarowley.com and was surprised with the cost of  the clothing under the same brand.
Sale At: a certain overrun store at Tiendesitas Pasig


  1. Such a nice dress sis.. hmmm when are you going to wear that??looking forward to see you wearing that ;D

  2. Great find and what a steal, I'm sure it will look fab on you :)


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