Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 Winners

Congratulations Mutya Johanna Datul for winning the Miss Supranational 2013! The Isabela native took home the crown after competing with other candidates from over 80 countries around the globe in Belarus on September 6. Mutya Datul is one of the winners of the Golden Batch of this year's Bb. Pilipinas.

She has it all.. natural Filipina beauty with that perfect smile, brains and a stunning personality.

Mutya Johanna Datul surrounded by her fellow beauty queens after the coronation.

With her fellow winners, 1st Runner Up Miss Supranational 2013 Mexico, Jacqueline Morales and 2nd Runner Up Miss Supranational 2013 Turkey, Leyla Kose. Not in the photo are 3rd Runner Up Miss Supranational 2013 Indonesia, Cok Krisnanda and 4th Runner Up Miss Supranational 2013 US Virgin Islands, Esonica Veira.

Miss Supranational Asia & Oceania 2013 - Australia
Miss Supranational Americas 2013 - Brazil
Miss Supranational Europe 2013 - Belarus
Miss Supranational Africa 2013 - Gabon

Miss Bikini - Iceland
Miss National Dress - Nicaragua
Miss Talent - Malaysia
Miss Friendship - Macau
Miss Personality - Philippines
Miss Elegance - Sweden
Miss Top Model - Moldova
Miss Photogenic - Puerto Rico
Miss Internet - Myanmar

TOP 20
1. Venezuela
2. Puerto Rico
3. Australia
4. Poland
5. Gabon
6. Canada
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. U.S. Virgin Islands
10. Luxembourg
11. India
12. Mexico
13. Myanmar
14. Belarus
15. Philippines
16. Russia
17. Latvia
18. Brazil
19. Turkey
20. Ukraine

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  1. I love love love Mutya. She's one of the most beautiful Fil beauty queens, IMO. She's so endearing din. :) I'm so happy for her.

  2. She's so pretty. Very Filipina! I suppose that the Q & A portion went very well. :-)

  3. she's a stunner =) she deserves to win!


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