Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Makati Medical Center Semi-Private Room

With our second baby, hubby and I only thought about giving birth at either St. Luke's Global City or Makati Medical Center. Although St. Luke's is nearer our place and there is less traffic going there, after the compare and contrast sessions, the final decision was to give birth at Makati Med. Anyway, I delivered our first baby girl via C-section at Makati Med so I'm already at ease in there. Also, it is good to think that both girls have the same birth place.

For mommies out there who are planning to give birth at Makati Med and wondering how a semi-private room looks like, this post is for you. You know, I was confined at Makati Med for a cyst removal back in 2008 and stayed in a semi-private room for a couple of nights.

Back then, their room wasn't as good as this. They did some renovation and the rooms are now improved, as well as the interior and exterior looks of the hospital.

A semi-private room is around 11 square meters in measurement. Inside is a patient's bed with reclining feature, wheels and all, side table, chair, small cabinet, and a cable-ready TV set.

The semi-private room where I stayed back in 2008 had a long john. This one has a high-back chair with footrest for the use of the patient's helper or companion.

The common toilet and bathroom is clean with bathroom tissue and sanitizer. Three patients share the use of this room. I don't have a floor plan of the area but imagine a large room with four doors. One of the doors is leading to your room, the two other doors lead to other patient's room and the last door is to the washroom.

By the way, I chose a semi-private room in order to save money. An elective cesarean delivery maternity package with a semi-private room is P82,000. That's a stagerring P145,200 if I have chosen a private room. So, why not say YES for over 60K worth of savings, right?

You can reserve a room at Makati Med if you are having a scheduled surgery like me. Some rooms have window and a view of the city. For more information, just contact the MMC Admissions Office at +632.8888.999 local 3000, 3001.

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  1. Wow, giving birth in Manila is expensive! Tsk, tsk. Big savings indeed for you.


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