Friday, September 20, 2013

Copy Paste Babies

Our first daughter had a 3D 4D ultrasound when she was still in my tummy, so hubby and I got an idea on how she would look like before birth. With our second baby, the sonologist at In My Womb had a hard time capturing a 3D 4D image of her 'cos I was already 8 months pregnant during scan. Anyway, I remember hubby telling me that he saw our baby in a dream and she looked exactly like our elder daughter. I said okay, let's see after delivery. Fastforward to the present, a lot of people noticed that they really look alike during infancy. It's quiet a challenge to distinguish one with the other in photos.

Which one is Askim? Which one is Suna?

My daughters are like Ctrl+ C, Ctrl+ V!

We see more identical features of our bunso to her ate everyday. The eyes, eyebrows, lips, and nose. They look like twins separated from birth. The first one came out 5 years ago, while the other one came out later this August 8, 2013. Of course we know this is common. Siblings have a huge chance to look alike simply because they came from the same mother and father. For hubby and I, we are just happy to see such an amazing thing happening in our family. We are blessed to have such wonderful daughters and grateful that they are healthy. Thanks God!


  1. I have nothing but happiness for you sis! Congratulations on the beautiful daughters :)

  2. Not to worry as your elder daughter is lovely, the second one would also be the same :)


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