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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Simple Birthday Celebration

A simple birthday celebration was held at home yesterday for my elder daughter. She is now 5 years old. I cooked her favorite spaghetti, then there was also pancit canton, chicken and beef adobo, shanghai rolls and corn maja. I sent a cousin to buy a small greeting cake at Red Ribbon. She bought an extra leche flan cake roll, so we had 2 cakes altogether.

Happiness was very visible on the face of my panganay (firstborn). She's a little jealous of her little sister these days but yesterday was special. I know she knows we love her as much as we love her sister. When asked to make a wish before blowing the candle, she said "I love you Suna!" So sweet ate. I hope they'll get along really well.

Happy birthday again dear!!

PS. We had a Disney Princess themed party for our elder daughter 3 days after this party. Click HERE for my photo story.


  1. A very lovely young girl, there's the future Miss Universe! :)

  2. She's growing up fast and very pretty at that :)

  3. happy birthday to a very pretty girl :)


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