Wednesday, August 07, 2013

DIY Project: How To Make A Canopy Mosquito Net

Here goes another DIY project. I decided to make a canopy mosquito net for my baby after having no luck of finding one for her crib. I checked a couple of department stores, however all they could offer was a pink canopy net in a very small size and a regular umbrella net. So off I went to different stores to buy the materials I needed, thinking that I could create a canopy that will surely fit my baby daughter's crib without hurting my budget.

This is my first DIY mosquito net canopy. At first I had a hard time finding crochet hoops and I was close to buying a towel ring to be used an alternative. Thanks goodness I spotted DMC at SM Megamall, a store that sells products for crocheting and cross-stitching; then I purchased tulle from Fabric Warehouse, ribbon from Carolina's, and the rest from National Bookstore.

For the complete list of materials I used for this project, please kindly refer to the video.

Important Note: Sorry I did mistake with the total measurement of the ribbon I used. It's 10 yards instead of 5.

How To Make A Canopy Mosquito Net

  1. Separate the crochet hoops.
  2. Divide the fabric into 3 with 3.5 yards each part.
  3. Tuck the equally divided fabric in the separated hoops.
  4. Make sure to arrange them well into order to drape evenly.
  5. Glue any opening and then lock the hoops together.
  6. Glue the sides of the canopy, leaving one side as front opening.
  7. Get 3.5 yards of ribbon and glue it to the right edge of the opening.
  8. Repeat the same process for the left side.
  9. Cut a part of the remaining ribbon that would fit the hoop.
  10. Glue it around.
  11. Divide the rest of the ribbon into 12 parts.
  12. Create 12 bows out of them.
  13. Glue each handmade flower to each bow.
  14. Embellish the canopy mosquito net with those ribbon flowers.
  15. Hang the finished product over the baby's bed and enjoy the beautiful princessy site.

If you mommies need a bigger canopy for your child's bed or crib, you better do it yourself and save. A small canopy costs only P150 at SM but it barely covers a small baby bed. If you need bigger and better quality, you have to pay almost P1,800. Pray for availability too because they are always out of stock.


  1. Wow! This is genius. Good job sis! :)

  2. so pretty dear! good job! My sis bought me one of this not pink sadly from Dubai! happy me !

  3. wow!!! galing seems like you guys are ready for the baby na

  4. You did a really cute one. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. ooh, how pretty it is sis, if only your baby could say something, she sure would be very happy. Really nice and by the way, i love the shoes on your header.

  6. wow! very informative! nice sis! i wanna do this sometime!

  7. Good and practical idea! Ako din kung magagawa ko rin lang, gagawin ko na lang kesa magbayad ng mahal hehe!

  8. The canopy looks really prettyyy.. I miss my old room tuloy.. i used to have a pink canopy way back :D

  9. Lovely canopy for a lovely baby girl. Haha


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