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Monday, August 05, 2013

DIY 'Buwan ng Wika' Costume

I told you I will try to come up with another DIY Filipiniana costume for my daughter. As you know August is Buwan ng Wika, the month that we celebrate our national language here in the Philippines. I am kind of tired sending my daughter in the same old baro't saya every Friday, so I thought of creating another costume which she can use alternately.

Dyaraan!  What do you think of my new DIY Filipino Muslim costume?

Oh yes.. we have a little problem with color. Everything should be in pink. Haha!

These are all the materials I used for this DIY project.

-long-sleeved leotard
-fabric for the body wrap
-pearl necklace and bracelet
-thread & needle for sewing

To come up with the body wrap, just measure enough fabric that could cover your little girl, not too tight and not too loose, and the length should start from her shoulders to her ankles. Sew the sides, creating a small malong out of the fabric and you're done.

Let your daughter wear the leotard first, then the malong by tying it on her right shoulder. She can use the pearl bracelet as it is, but the pearl necklace as a headpiece. Just secure the necklace with pins in order not to fall off.

There you go mommies. Tune in for more DIY projects to come.


  1. That is so cute! Good job :) I adore the color since it's my favorite hihi

  2. That is soooo cute! Good job Mommy and the color is adorable, cause it's my favorite :)

  3. Awww, lovely costume! I remember my own Linggo ng Wika costumes back in gradeschool. In a few years, I'll be creating one for my own daughter!

    Love that your ensemble is in pink, hihi!

  4. Awe! She looks so adorable..
    Great job hun! It looks so cute on her <3


  5. beautiful! parang last week, its a different costume, right? the yellow one. both beautiful naman :)

  6. This is really simple! No need to buy expensive costumes =)

  7. Very nice costume sis! And so easy to make too. :)

  8. very creative! and you made it work with the pink motiff. your daughter looks very pretty in her muslim costume. something very unique.

  9. Super simple lang sis! Don't know if Meg will have their Buwan ng Wika celebration. But may stock pa ko ng costume from the previous year, alter na lang siguro ulit. =) Meg has pink leotard din, pwede ko to try.

  10. Lovely DIY costume sis. Very creative. Ikaw na talaga! :)

  11. Girls would love to wear your pink DIY Muslim costume because of its color, and it looks good on your daughter, too!

  12. Ang galing ng DIY costume mo.. Every little princess can get away with pink.

  13. Nice! Your daughter is so pretty! I'm making my son wear a barong this year for Buwan ng Wika in school. The past two years, he's been a Katipunero, the easiest costume to DIY for boys hehe! But since I had to buy him a barong for a ring bearer stint, might as well make him use it para masulit. :)

    xo Patty

  14. Cute girl and I love that you used pink instead of the usual brown malong. :D

  15. I love it first and foremost because it's pink. I remember back then, my mom used to make costumes for me too. It's actually same as this less the leotard. Good job mommy!

  16. Hi..Newbie here,just want to ask if where can i buy the leotard..Thank you in adavnce Mommies..:-)

    1. Sorry dear. I just read your comment. You can actually find leotard for kids at SM Dept Store or else in Divisioria or Baclaran where it's cheaper.

  17. Fantabulous...thanks heaps for the tutorial,next week will be multicultural day at the school gagayahin ko 'to but blue? or gold&brown?


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