Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Susuzlu Hotel Review

It was already late in the afternoon when we arrived in Izmir and we didn't have a reservation so instead of filling our hungry stomach first, we opted looking for a place to rest and freshen up a bit. Big and small hotels line up the busy streets of the city but choosing for a wholesome accommodation was the challenge. As per hubby, there are random hotels in Turkey that allow the entrance of 'night workers' and that was something we were trying to avoid. Good thing this hotel called Susuzlu in Konak District isn't one of them. It's located near Izmir Enternasyonal Fuarı, around 5 minutes by taxi from Konak Square, and 10 minutes away of Asansör.

the facade of Susuzlu Hotel..

the hotel's reception area..

two comfortable single beds..

the washing area and toiletries..

the shower, intercom, dryer, and clean towels..

the lobby and restaurant place..

the breakfast buffet..

Our overall stay in this hotel was pleasant. We paid 130 Turkish Lira or around P2,900 for our room with free buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 1 kid. The food selection was great from cakes to cereals to salamis and cheeses. My only complain was concerning the shower head. There was no way to adjust it for medium flow. It was just either strong or slow. Anyway, the room was clean and equipped with telephone, small refrigerator, flat TV, and hair dryer. The staff are friendly and very accommodating. In fact, they helped us fix a special baby food for my husband's niece free of charge. I am giving this hotel a score of 7 over 10.

Susuzlu Hotel
Akıncı Mh., Fevzi Paşa Blv
No:166, 35240 Konak, Turkey
Phone: +90 232 483 0521


  1. great review about the hotel sis...sounds like the offer good amenities.

    musta na ang buntis? when pala due ni baby #2? hope all is well...sensya at ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw...been pretty busy lately...summer kasi!

    re: i had my blood drawn for my air force thing..tapos regular check up na din...glad everything turned out normal.

    hahhaa, korek may saging na ako! I'm not sure what kind though.

    1. no problem sis.. thanks din sa dalaw.. i thought something is wrong with your health kaya ka nagpa-lab test.. good to hear that you are completely okay.. happy 4th of July to you! :D

  2. In fairness, their rate is very affordable -- considering that it includes buffet breakfast and clean/family-friendly amenities. I'll keep this in mind in case we decide to travel to Turkey. I'm looking forward to more posts about your stay! :)

    1. Hi sis! I already created an entry about our stay in Izmir.
      The link is here: http://www.pinkmagaline.com/2013/06/visiting-izmir-enternasyonal-fuar.html

      If you check my entries last month, you may actually find other related entries on our recent Turkish vacation. More entries will come too. Medyo madami lang at natatambakan na'ko. Hehe.

  3. hotel is nice. :D at least i have an idea where to go when I travel :D

  4. Looks like a nice quaint place, and the price is not bad at all. That breakfast buffet spread looks good too!

    xo Patty

  5. the logo looks like the Logo of Sunway Hotel. is that hotel somewhat a branch of Sunway? :))
    by the way, I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway. Maybe you'd like to join :)) I hope you do

  6. The hotel looks lovely and its reasonably priced! I hope that I'll be able to go to Turkey and stay here. #wishuponastar haha! =)

  7. Wow, the hotel rate is very affordable! Hindi pala mahal mgbakasyon sa Turkey noh?
    New reader here. Love your blog!:)

  8. a hotel with a clean and presentable bathroom is always topnotch in my books. i have this friend who actually considers if the bathroom has a bidet before she books the hotel. hehe. weird, huh? oh, and the breakfast buffet! it's always what i look forward to everytime i'm staying in a hotel.

  9. Ang ganda ng hotel. Very simple lang pero ang elegant pa din tingnan :)

  10. Wow it feels like I travelled with you to Turkey! Anyway, I also look forward everytime to the shower because I love to SHOWER inside hotel's bathrooms kahit meron naman dito sa bahay. Iba lang kase ang pkairamdam na nasa hotel ka at ang sarap ng ligo mo. Anyway, goodluck on the baby #2 and looking forward to more travel posts.

  11. the hotel looks simple & very nice. the price affordable pa :) a good find!

  12. 2900 only? super mura ha, to think na may kasama pang buffet breakfast.

  13. The hotel looks nice! And it"s affordable pa. :)

  14. Wish there more hotels like these in Manila na super sulit sa price. P2,900 value is pretty awesome for complete toiletries and buffet breakfast!

  15. I don't have any plans na pumunta sa Turkey in the near future but your review is a help...in fairness, nice accommodation in a very affordable price.



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