Thursday, July 25, 2013

Site Upgrade

Looking at my blogsite, checking the layout, features and all, I just realized that I need I little upgrade. Honestly, I didn't have any major changes done for since I purchased the domain. I know I should look for someone who can help me improve the layout or design for a minimal cost. My husband is a programmer slash website and software developer but he is too busy with work. I really pity the man for working more than 8 hours a day.


Furthermore, if I were to upgrade my site I would want a pink template in magazine type of layout with four columns. It should be ad ready, includes a dropdown menu and posts thumbnails. Okay, the truth is.. I don't have a large budget for this. As of now, I can't even afford to pay web to print technology at I mean, for a personal blog like Pink MagaLine, I don't think I will be 'all out' in spending.

Anyone here knows someone who might be able to help me?


  1. I want to do a site upgrade/overhaul too, sissy. I wish I can help you but I'm a neophyte on this blogging thing. Btw, I'm excited to see the new look of your blog once it is done! :-)

    1. Thanks sis. I just wish I can find someone who can help me. Good luck to us! :D

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  3. congrats on your domain :) i think there are nice templates available online that you can use until you find a web developer, i know a couple of developers but im not sure how much they charge. i think it will depend on what kind of design you want for your blog.

  4. Me too, I want to do a site upgrade but I want to raise good enough funds for it first before jumping in and paying big time to freelance web designers. I think just to make sure that you really have good quality web design and development, you must spend a little bit more (but it will go a long way).

  5. hi sis. you might want to check out fancy girl designs -

    most of the blogs she has designed kasi are mommy blogs so i think it'll be easier to explain to her the vision you want for your blog. am not sure if she still accepts projects though. try to contact her nalang. if i had knowledge of website coding, i'd be changing my layouts almost every two weeks. haha!

  6. I'd like to do a revamp on my blog as well. I am excited what you're blog will look like after! Keep us posted.

  7. try searching for free templates, I am sure you can find one that you will like or one that you can tweak according to your taste.. pero if I were you, mag tabi ka ng budget for a blog make over :)


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