Friday, July 05, 2013

Food Review: All Day Breakfast in Bed

I have this circle of mommy friends that I met last year at my daughter's school. We would hang out after sending our kids to their classroom, talk about things like preparing snack or baon, doing homework and stuff until it's time to pick up our preschoolers and go home. The other day, one of the mommy friends gave us a breakfast treat at the newly-opened All Day Breakfast in Bed in California Garden Square, Mandaluyong. She is celebrating her birthday today but did the little party in advance to give way to everyone's busy schedule.

All Day Breakfast in Bed is a posh mini restaurant with a neat combination of classic and modern interior, lovely headboard as an accent to each table, white dining sets and all.

L to R: Gel, Joanna, Madz, Arlene (the bday celebrant), and I. It was a rainy so we decided to dine in All Day Breakfast in Bed instead of going to either McDonald's or Jollibee along Boni Avenue.

My order was this Spam rice meal for P108. It has 2 sunny side up eggs, 3 thin slices of Spam luncheon meat, garlic rice, and pickled vegetables on the side.

Arlene's order was this longanisa (native sausage) rice meal, one of their best-sellers, for P108. It comes with 2 eggs, garlic rice, and pickles too.

This tapa (Filpino version of beef jerky) rice meal is for P118. Joanne ordered this for herself. It includes the default 2 pieces of eggs, pickled veggies, and garlic rice.

Madz asked for this basic pancakes served with scrambled eggs. Basic pancakes is for P98, plus 3 sausages with an additional charge of P30.

Gel's order: strawberry pancakes with scrambled eggs P108 + P30 for 3 sausages. I was supposed to order this but changed my mind.

Mi amigas by the door of All Day Breakfast in Bed, all smiles after the breakfast treat and getting ready to pick the kids.

Things that I like about All Day Breakfast in Bed:
-The ambiance of the place is excellent. I love the breakfast in bed theme.
-Server was polite as well as the manager.
-Their longanisa or sausage was meaty and contained less fat.
-Garlic rice was not oily.

Things that I don't like:
-The pickled vegetable was too sweet for me.
-Tapa serving was small.
-Pancakes aren't fluffy enough.

Some Suggestions:
-Since its a breakfast restaurant, I think it would be better if they add fresh milk and fruit juices to the menu.
-Aside from garlic rice, there should be a choice of plain or steamed rice.
-Instead of serving 3 thin slices of Spam, make it 2 but thicker.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

Will I dine at All Day Breakfast in Bed?
Probably yes, if it's rainy and I'm feeling lazy to go somewhere else again.

All Day Breakfast in Bed
California Garden Square
Domingo M. Guevara Street,
Mandaluyong City
Tel. (02) 508 9125
Open from 6AM - 12MN


  1. Breakfast in bed is great! It's waking up in the morning without having to worry about preparing food and serving them. BTW, I love that pancake. :D

  2. first time to learn about this place here.. love the name :) thanks for sharing.. :) it would be great it the seats were actually beds.. i'd stay there the whole day hahaha! :))

  3. Love the ambiance at All Day Breakfast in Bed! Though i'm not that sold on their food, I think i'll give this a visit when I'm in the area. Parang Disney Princesses lang ang peg ng place :D

  4. Ang ganda nung place and the concept/theme is very cute. Kaya lang parang ang liit nga ng serving nila ng ulam.

  5. Is it inside the California po ba or just outside,..everyday kasi me nadadaan sa california, but hindi ko po napapansin yan..hihihi.. or sadyang dedmadela lang me lagi.

  6. The place look so lovely... It is a place I would like to go to... Thanks for sharing...

  7. the place looks really nice and the concept is unique :)

  8. The place looks comfy and the princess-like feel is so apt! Will bring my girls there!

  9. Will probably try it out when I get back. Looks nice naman ng ambiance.
    Thanks for an informative entry :D

  10. wow, unique concept for a breakfast place. sis berylle is right, it would have been ultra comfy if the seats were actual beds. haha! sometimes it's always nice to eat somewhere different than the usual fastfoods.

  11. the place looks nice.
    but the food seems to not match with their concept? heehe..
    btw, where is this located in mandaluyong? :)

    1. California Garden Square
      Domingo M. Guevara Street,
      Mandaluyong City

  12. The place is sooo cute and a must-visit! Though medyo malayo samin, sana makapunta kami hubby or with friends...


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