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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Down to the Last Trimester

How do I feel? I feel anxious and I feel heavy though my friends say I don't really look big and my OB-GYN confirmed that my weight gain is healthy. Apparently, the normal weight gain for pregnant women according to Mayo Clinic is around 25 to 35 pounds (about 11 to 16 kilograms). My weight before pregnancy was 49 kilos and I am now 60. Thanks God because I try my best not to grow too much. It's just that I'm almost popping so I started to feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Look at my baby bump. I am giving birth in a period of 36 days.

The goal date for my second baby's birthday is August 8, 2013.

When sleeping, I need at least three pillows for comfort. Two pillows to elevate my head and make me breathe properly, then an extra pillow under my tummy when sleeping on the side. I don't have swollen feet, rashes or dark spots but I get leg cramps every now and then. My lower back and my feet become painful after too much walking or standing, same goes with my pelvic bone when sitting for a long time.

I complain about this and that to my husband and he's like, "Don't worry babe. Just wait one more month and baby will come out." I know all these pain will be forgotten as soon as I see my new baby. I am excited, truly excited about giving birth. I mean, if it is possible to drag the days and deliver right away, I'll just do it.

Almost done buying all the necessary things for my delivery, I am hiring a second helper to help me, and the pink and purple room is ready. This Friday I have a schedule with In My Womb for a 4D/3D ultrasound. Not sure if I'll be able to get a decent photo of my baby because I am already 8 months preggy but at least the doctor can tell if she's healthy and well prepared to see the world.


  1. Wow! Congrats! I hope this year me and my husband will be blessed with a bundle of joy too.... Just got married last May


  2. Congratulations! YOu gonna your 2nd little one's. I miss having a baby too.. hmm kelan kaya ko magkakaron ng second baby..Ivy is asking me for little bro or sis na.

  3. Wow. Good luck to your child delivery! You can do it! :) I look up to pregnant woman as they endure the pains for the love of their family.

  4. wow. a month nalang! :)) Congrats with the baby! :))
    btw, I hope you can join my giveaways!

  5. I feel excited for you. May God bless you and your baby! Praying he/she be in good health :)

  6. Your due date is near and hope you have a safe delivery. I'm sure that baby is excited too for ext month.

  7. Good luck! I'm on my last trimester as well!:)

  8. You're not bloated at all sis. Excited for you as well! :)

  9. i'm excited for you sis!konting tiis na lang yan :)

  10. I feel for you. Ang hirap talaga pag nasa-trimester ka na... be patient sis. Onti na lang naman yan...I'll pray for you and baby's safety.


  11. Your baby will be a Virgo! That should be interesting :)

  12. Goodluck on your last trimester! That's the hard part, really. You'll get all the aches in every inch of your body. But once you pop, it'll all be worth it ;)


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