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Saturday, June 01, 2013

While Away from Home

While we were away from home, my orchids, cactus and other plants withered. There was no one at home for 3 weeks, nobody to cultivate them nor water them. When we got back, I really pitied the sight of the yellow leaves of my indoor plants.

That plant in the photo, the one which I used to display on our shoe cabinet, it died from dehydration or whatever you call starvation for plants is. Checking the pot, I even noticed some bugs and tiny worms in the soil. I am not sure if they are bad bugs and worms. I bet someone from pestproductsonline.com know that. Next time anyway, I will ask a friendly neighbor to take care of my plants before leaving for a long vacation.


  1. Ako, I always ask friends to take care of the plants when we're away. Although I'd have to bring them over to their house :))

    1. Good for you sis. I used to have a family friend in the neighborhood but they moved to Antipolo. We have other friends too. I was just too shy to ask them them the favor.


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