Monday, June 24, 2013

Visiting Izmir Enternasyonal Fuarı, Asansör, and Konak Square

More or less 3 hours away of Akçay is the metropolitan municipality of Izmir, also known as the Pearl of the Aegean. If you heard of the word Symrna in Ancient Greek history, that is the Izmir metropolis in the modern day. Kind of hard to explain or understand but if you really wish to know, Mr. Google might be able to help.

On our first day in Izmir, after checking in at Susuzlu Hotel in Konak District, we found ourselves looking for a children's zoo at Izmir Enternasyonal Fuarı or Izmir International Fair when translated in English.

While at the oldest tradeshow in Turkey, we were informed that the zoo no longer exists so we just looked around, took photos then walked towards the shopping/restaurant area to grab something to eat. Near Ramiz, we saw a street performer and a cherry peddler. Click the link for photos.

The next day which was also our last day, we managed to visit Konak Square under the scorching heat of the sun. According to Wikipedia, Konak Square is the busiest part of the city, as Konak is the main place of Izmir.

Izmir Clock Tower is located at the Konak Square. It is a historic clock tower which was built in 1901 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a Turkish sultan's accession to the throne by the name of Abdül Hamid II.

Konak Sqaure is a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors. One of the activities to do here aside from sightseeing and taking photos is feeding the pigeons. One can also try simit (sesame bread) or buy small souvenirs from a street vendor.

Too hot at Konak Square so off we went to Asansör (Turkish for elevator) which is also a popular landmark in Izmir. This street leading to the Asansör was named after one of the residents, the Turkish polyglot singer Dario Moreno.

A photo of hubby, my daughter, daughter's first cousin and I by the entrance of Asansör. At this point, I was kind of worried to enter because it was a little dark inside and the elevator looked different and kind of spooky. Haha.

A view of the municipality of Izmir from the top of Asansör with the buildings and apartments on the left and the bay area on the right. By the way, the Asansör was built in 1907 by a Jewish banker to help the people in passing through the narrow coastline to the hillside.

Okay, that's me with my baby bump and the view of the bay and more apartments below. Next week, I will most probably post about our next stop which was Kuşadası, a resort town on Turkey's Aegean coast in the province of Aydın.


  1. Are there not a lot of shopping places to buy fashion clothes and accessories in that town?

    1. There are! Actually, before you read the bay area of Konak, you will pass bay an array of both luxurious and local stores, then ahead of Time Square is place comparable to Rustan's here in Manila! :)

  2. omg. one of my dream destinations! so lucky, inggit akooo!

  3. congratulations on the new baby! the place looks relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of manila :)


  4. That photo of the street to Asansor reminds me of the streets of Vigan. :)

  5. Wait this is in Turkey right? Wow, the place looks divine! I would love to see more of their culture! :D

  6. Konak Square look really nice and it carries a lot of heritage in the structure.

  7. That street leading to Asanzor is one hell of a view - the path is classic! I wish we have something like that in Boracay.

  8. Wow, Turkey!

    Oh my gosh, buy those ornate bowls they make, those are gorgeous!

  9. Turkey is such a nice place to visit. By the looks, it has a rich culture to be proud of. I hope one day, I can visit it. I gotta go to Santorini first! LOL! :)

  10. Wow! The place is so beautiful, I can imagine Aladdin :p

  11. Turkey looks beautiful! I have not been to Turkey though.. sad! It will definitely be n my list ; )


  12. Oooh! This looks very intersting! I'm not very familiar with the country and its culture, but this post was able to give me a gist of what's in store for me if I travel there. Thanks for sharing your story :)


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