Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Search for a Pink Chuck Taylor (Converse) All Star Sneakers

When I was young, around early 20s, I used to really love wearing sneakers. At that point in time, I was fresh from college and still easy-go-lucky. It think it was funny 'cause I would dress up like a teenage rockstar, classic jeans and shirt and a pair of Converse, inspired by Avril Lagvine and her music. Ahh, I remember vividly the moment I bought my first pair of Converse sneakers in Wan Chai, Hong Kong after payday. It was an amazing feeling.

The other day, I jumped up with the idea of buying Converse shoes for my tween sister-in-law. It's been a while since I shopped for sneakers so off I went to Olympic Outlet at Robinson's Forum, a store where you can find branded shoes, bags, and sports clothing and equipment in a cheaper price.

The first rack that I checked was WOW!

Pink Converse for women with cat design.

Light pink Converse sneakers with a simple design.

This one is high cut with metallic pink color.

Another pink high cut sneakers but fordable design.

This one is high cut too but with star design..

And, another star design in low cut.

As you can see from these racks, they have a large selection of shoes with the brand Converse alone. How about Adidas, Nike, Skechers, etc. etc? They have them too! I promise you will have a hard time deciding which pair to buy once you visited the place. In my case, I was close to buying a pair for myself but then I realized, I don't feel like a teenager anymore. No more "Avril Lavigne" in me so just I dropped the thought.

Next week, I will post the pair of Converse shoes I bought for my SIL thru Sale Find. Watch out.
Happy weekend for now! :x


  1. shoes everywhere!! :)) that's crazy!
    mahihilo ako kakaikot at kakapili jan.hahah

  2. *drools* Nice shoes! I've always wanted to have a pair of sneakers with a star design. :) I wanted to buy either COnverse or Vans, but end up stopping myself because I find them expensive. Haha.

  3. I've always loved Converse' shoes. It never goes out of style. :)

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  5. Chucks! Chucks! Chucks! I am no longer a teenager but totally not averse to wearing Chucks every now and then. Makes me feel like an angst-y college student once more. Lol.

  6. Love these sneakers! Lightweight, comfortable and casually cool.

  7. Replies
    1. The last time I checked, you can get a pair for as low as P1300.


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