Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sale Find: Vero Moda Top

I was not supposed to buy this top if not because of hubby who insisted I get it. We were at YKM in Istanbul Forum one day, buying stuff for her little sister, when we saw the racks of Vero Moda (Danish brand) on sale. Actually, it was like buy two items, get the third item for free. By the way, YKM in Turkey is equivalent to Rustan's here in the Philippines. They have a selection of signature and high end products from clothing to makeup.

The Vero Moda white top with gold buttons..

I haven't worn it yet so the tag is still attached..

Love the white sequins on the shoulder..

Sale Find: Vero Moda Snow White Long Top
Original Price: 79.95 TL or around 1800 Php
Sale Price: free (after buying 2 pairs of jeans)
Store: YKM Istanbul Forum

Any suggestions on how to wear a see through long top? Thanks.


  1. I love the details. Looks simple yet elegant. :)

  2. the sequins looks really great and it made the top elegant and subtle :))

  3. I think you can use camisole as an undergarment. black would be a nice contrast! :D

  4. Looks sexy,i think it is better if you wear it with a black leggings on. just my thought.

  5. Nice piece dear. You have a nice blog. I just followed you via GFC.

  6. Lovely top! I like this... Would love to see you wear it. :)

  7. the top looks so great :D would wear it to work honestly :)

  8. I love this top! ♥ w/ its details you can dress it up or down.
    I think depends on where you're going.,may mga lugar na acceptable ang see thru., yung tipong kahit bra (na maganda) lang.
    With its length I think it would work best w/ skinny jeans or leggings



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