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Thursday, June 13, 2013

SALE FIND: Pink Chucks

Am I posting too much shoes these days? Oh no! I didn't realize that. Haha. Just kidding. These shoes are either too sexy, too fashionable, or too cute. So what can I do? They deserve a spot in this corner of my blog, like these pink pair which I picked from a selection of Chuck Taylor Converse All Star sneakers at Olympic Outlet last week. Dyaraaann!

Just look at this beauty and tell me.. how can you resist?

I'm sure my sister-in-law will love this pair so much.

Sale Find: Chuck Taylor (Converse) All Star Sneakers
Original Price: P2,600
Sale Price: P1,300
Store: Olympic Outlet - Robinson's Forum (Pioneer, Mandaluyong)


  1. WOW!!!I love those shoes!!And you got it with 50% off?! great deal sis!

  2. WOW!!!I love those shoes!!And you got it with 50% off?! great deal sis!


  3. That's a steal!!! I also got a converse chucks during the Megatrade sale in Megamall, 50% off also. :)

  4. Not really a fan of pink shoes but that is such a great steal at 50% off! Wow. Been a while na rin since I owned a pair of Chucks. Na-miss ko tuloy.

  5. So cute! :) the color, design and everything :)

  6. Nice! I like it even if I am sorta averse to the color pink. ;)

  7. irressitably cute! ;-)

  8. i love it! wow super mura naman sa olyumpic outlet!! i woul visit that soon. im sure makakakuha ako ng great find :)

  9. very cute Chucks! perfect for a girly Barbie like you :)


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